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Parque del Sotillo
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Sotillo de los Canónigos Park

Green space located on the island that the Carrión river traces as it passes through the town

On the banks of the Carrión, after handling the Puentecillas footbridge, the Sotillo de los Canónigos Park appears, recovering for the city the island formed between both arms of the river. It is the largest green space of those outlined in the urban area of ​​the city, with an area of ​​around 70,000 square meters. Formerly it was a place frequented by the religious and by the gardeners who cultivated the nearby farms of the riverside. Sports facilities, such as a soccer field, a exercise circuit and a complex of municipal outdoor swimming pools, make up the current uses of these recreational gardens.

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Calle Once Paradas, 1, 34005 Palencia