Museums and Cultural Centers

The Museo Casa del Cordón, built in the 16th century and whose façade is topped by a Franciscan cord, is the only Renaissance-style civil monument that still stands today. It houses the Museo Arqueológico de Palencia, where visitors may find an interesting sample of archaeological pieces on a journey that begins in Prehistory. The Museo Diocesano, meanwhile, houses a very valuable set of works of art from different churches in the province. Its collection, of which the paintings by Berruguete, Juan de Flandes and Zurbarán, the Romanesque sculptures of the 12th and 13th centuries, and the carvings of Alejo de Vahía stand out, is made up of many works by great masters of painting, sculpture, textiles, goldsmithing and other minor arts. Jewels such as the Centro de Interpretación del Románico (located in the Huerta de Gudián), the Centro de Interpretación de Victorio Macho (in the Cristo del Otero) or the Fundación Díaz-Caneja offer endless possibilities to discover history, art and culture.

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