Virtual Tours

We propose a series of virtual tours in which you can experience a unique way of getting to know the rich heritage and art of the city. A new experience that will allow you to admire the Victorio Macho Interpretation Centre, the Romanesque Interpretation Point, the Mayor Street, the Water Museum or the Díaz-Caneja Foundation.
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Romanesque Interpretation Centre

Visit this exhibition space to delve into the secrets of Romanesque art located inside the Church of San Juan Bautista, moved from the town of Villanueva del Río to avoid its disappearance under the waters of the Aguilar de Campoo reservoir.
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Díaz Caneja Foundation

Virtual visit to the contemporary art museum that houses much of the work of the painter Díaz-Caneja.
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Mayor Street

Enjoy a walk along Palencia's Calle Mayor, which, with its more than 900 metres of arcades, is the city's main shopping street and meeting point,
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Victorio Macho Interpretation Center

Access a virtual visit to the Victorio Macho Interpretation Center, the cultural venue located in the Cristo del Otero that exhibits the work of the brilliant artist from Palencia.
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Museum of the Water

Visit the Museum of the Water (currently being renovated) and the Canal de Castilla Dock, where it is located.