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Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco

Church and Convent of San Francisco

Remains of one of the most remarkable religious complexes in the city and former seat of the Cortes de Castilla

Founded by the Franciscans in the 13th century, it is honoured with a glorious past. Once the seat of the Cortes de Castilla in the 14th century and royal residence. Only the church, as well as the remains of its Gothic cloisters, remain from the large complex that once existed. The temple has one nave surrounded by side chapels. Among them stand out the one devoted to San Ildefonso, by Juan de Corral from the mid-sixteenth century and a chapel covered on all its walls by skulls. The main altarpiece, in baroque style, in contrast with the Gothic vaults. The García Sarmiento Funeral Chapel in the anteroom of the Sacristy is of great beauty and is due to Alonso Martínez de Carrión. The complex was declared a Site of Cultural Interest and a National Monument in 1992. At present, it remains closed to visits, although it opens once a week to liturgical worship.

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Plaza San Francisco, 1, 34001 Palencia
Opening times: 
  • Masses: Sundays at 1:00 p.m.


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