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Museo Catedralicio. Vista del Claustro

Cathedral Museum

Located in the anteroom and chapter room of the Cathedral

It houses real jewels of painting, sculpture, silverware, tapestries and fabrics from all periods and styles. Highlights include the canvas of San Sebastián by El Greco, a work from the early days of the Cretan painter in Spain, as well as the diptych of The Passion by Pedro Berruguete, which represents Calvary and the Crying over the Dead Christ. Other works from the cathedral that the visitor can also admire are a relief by the Burgundian sculptor Felipe Bigarny, a sculpture of Santa Ana Triple de Alejo de Vahía, the anamorphic portrait of Carlos V, the silver frames of San Antolín or the mystical espousals of Saint Catherine of Alexandria with Christ and the martyred Saint Antolin. The chapter hall also houses four Flemish tapestries from the early 16th century that Bishop Fonseca bought in Flanders and donated to the cathedral.

Information of interest

Plaza de la Inmaculada, 34001 Palencia
Opening times: 

Visit to the museum included in the visit to the Cathedral.

Cathedral-Crypt and Museum: Tourism access through the Cloister. Visitor Reception Center.

  • Mon to Sat: 10.00-14.00 y 16.00-19.30
  • Sun and holidays: 10.00-13:00 y 16:00-20.00
Ticket information: 

Entrance included in the visit to the Cathedral. Check the prices of that monument.