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Convento de las Agustinas Recoletas. Fachada

Convent of the Agustinas Recoletas

Religious space formed by the conventual dependencies and the neighboring church

Both the church and the convent of the Agustinas Recoletas were built at the beginning of the 17th century, their foundation being due to Don Pedro Reinoso, gentleman and Lord of Autillo. The convent was placed under the patronage of Our Lady of the Expectation. In 1692 Andrés de la Sierra and Felipe Berrojo carried out the project for the new temple whose first stone would be laid the following year. The church, with a single nave, has a Latin cross plan and its transept is marked with a lantern dome. The barrel vault and the dome are decorated with good plasterwork. Its design is due to Antonio de Canales. In 1696 the work was completed and an image of San Agustín made by Pedro del Hoyo was placed on its main façade. The main altarpiece was made for the new church and has two bodies, a horizontal bench and three streets separated by vertical columns. The altarpiece, loaded with typical baroque decoration from the 18th century, is dominated by a painting of Saint Augustine, located in the center of the upper body.

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