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Muestra Gastronómica NaturPal

NaturPal Gastronomic Fair

Primer fin de semana de octubre
01/10/2022 to 02/10/2022

Gastronomic exhibition of quality products from Palencia

This gastronomic exhibition is one of the most traditional tourist and cultural activities, since it is capable of transforming the Plaza Mayor of the capital into a market for the most typical food on earth. It takes place during the first weekend of October and its objective is to facilitate highlighting the main products of local gastronomy, produced and marketed by local businessmen. This gastronomic showcase is also completed with the celebration of some workshops that show ancestral work.

Information of interest

Plaza Mayor, 34001 Palencia



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Muestra Gastronómica NaturPal. Edición 2021
Muestra Gastronómica NaturPal. Cartel Edición 2019
Muestra Gastronómica NaturPal. Cartel Edición 2018
Muestra Gastronómica NaturPal. Cartel Edición 2016
Muestra Gastronómica NaturPal. Cartel Edición 2013
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