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Dársena del Canal de Castilla
Canal de Castilla

Channel of Castilla

Natural and sports hub where you can do a lot of outdoor activities

Along with its historical and architectural legacy, the Canal de Castilla is without a doubt one of the great cultural and natural attractions of the province. Also from the capital, where a fragment of its southern branch enters. In the vicinity of the city, in Viñalta, the locks 31 and 32 await the visitor. Closer, bypassing valuable riverside ecosystems, a branch divert the waters of the course to rest in the Dock, where ancient warehouses are located and what at present it is a Museum dedicated to Water

The Canal, as a whole, offers the residents of the city but also the tourist endless possibilities for walking, cycling or running.

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Paseo Dársena del Canal, 9, 34005 Palencia