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Parque de la Carcavilla
Parks and gardens

Carcavilla Park

Park built in the old city cemetery

Built on the old cemetery located next to the disappeared copper electrolysis, which dates back to 1876, it ceased to fulfill this function with the creation of the new Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles cemetery in 1943. In 1981, the city council made the decision to transform it into a public park. A place of great beauty, it still preserves some of the elements that shaped the old cemetery, remains that are combined with pergolas, gardens and spaces for play and recreation. Its main entrance stands out, which gives access to the sunken plaza surrounded by specimens of Partenocisus, , its walks flanked by cypresses and other recreational and sports spaces.

Information of interest

Camino Tres Pasos, 1, 34005 Palencia



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