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Edificio de los Señores García

Señores García Building

Modernist style bourgeois building

Located on Calle Mayor and designed by the architect Jerónimo Arroyo in 1912, it was the headquarters of the Civil government of Palencia since its completion in 1916 and since 1946 a building for private use. Its architecture makes it one of the main examples of the modernist style in the Palencia capital, a work in which eclectic influences coexist, such as the contrast between the red brick walls and the elements covered with white plaster. Its wrought iron balconies and glazed viewpoints stand out, with their original rounded shapes. Perhaps the most representative element is the chamfer of the building, hexagonal in shape, with overlapping viewpoints on all floors.

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Calle Valentín Calderón 1, 34001 Palencia