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Ruta de Campos

"Tierra De Campos" cycling route

Cycling route through the Tierra de Campos region

Starting from "Los Tres Pasos", the route runs along the path that flanks the Palencia canal, which crosses at the height of the Monzón wineries to head up to Husillos. There we take the P-992 to the Grijota electrical substation and, crossing the C-615 with caution, we will continue on our way to Grijota again. From there we take the asphalt back to Cascón de la Nava and from there to Villamartín de Campos through some sections of plain where the absence of traffic can allow us to relax if we cannot find the head wind. Continuing towards Autilla del Pino, the slope will be a contrast in relation to what has been covered so far. Already in Autilla, dominating the landscape of Tierra de Campos, we will continue through the moor to reach the Ampudia road (P-901), through which we will make a long descent to the Canal Dock. The route has a distance of 41,750 km.