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Cristo del Otero

North BTT route

Route by the north of the alfoz of Palencia by mountain bike.

Starting from "Los Tres Pasos" we will take the Camino de la Miranda until we ascend to the new water tanks in the city, from where we will continue north until we find the asphalt track that gives access to the Telefónica antenna. From there, already at the top of the moor, we will continue along the path that runs north to, at the first crossroads, turn right and start a sharp descent to Fuentes de Valdepero. In Fuentes we will take the path that in the Northwest direction will lead us to continue descending to the Monzón wineries, from where we will return through the path that flanks the Palencia canal, which will lead us back to “Los Tres Pasos”. The total route is 10 km.

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