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Centro de Perfeccionamiento Técnico Deportivo "Campo de la Juventud"
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Sports Technical Improvement Center "Campo de la Juventud"

Specialized sports center of the Regional Government of Castilla y León

The "Campo de la Juventud" Sports Technical Improvement Center, one of the four Sports Technification Centers and Specialized Centers established in the Region of Castilla y León, has 17 sports facilities, including specific equipment for the practice of various specialties, such as a covered sports hall, a rhythmic and artistic gymnastics room, a weight training room, three statutory squash courts, a summer pool, a 400-meter athletics track, a regulation paddle tennis court for practice or competition paddle tennis court and two outdoor sports courts of 40 x 20 meters each. The purpose of the CETD 'Campo de la Juventud' activities is to promote excellence in regional sports.

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Avda. Cardenal Cisneros, 12. 34004 Palencia.